ProCleanSolar GmbH

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Solar farm cleaning vehicles

We are up to 5 times faster than normal cleaning companies thanks to our specially developed cleaning vehicles for solar farms. Under normal conditions we can clean between 0.8 and 1.2 MW of module surface per day. This keeps the time in shadow due to cleaning extremely short and means that it is inexpensive.


However, we are not just quick but also thorough, careful, highly concentrated and always anxious to provide a perfect service for the systems placed in our trust. Even though we use machinery we react flexibly to different degrees of soiling, can cope with any type of module from thin film technology through to poly- and mono-crystalline modules, and can even clean tracked systems (1 or 2-axes) perfectly with our vehicles. The special vehicles not only make a regular use of this service affordable, they also guarantee optimum care of the modules and a constantly high yield.



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Your advantage

Up to 8 percent extra yield thanks to our professional cleaning of your PV modules.