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Solar farm costs / benefits

All we need to demonstrate the cost-benefit ratio of the service offered by ProCleanSolar is a simple rule of three and measurable facts. In Germany the losses incurred by solar farms due to soiling are around 3 percent per year. With an installed output of 1 MW, the feed loss can be up to € 10,000 p.a. depending on the year of commissioning. If cleaning is carried out once a year, our recommendation with a corresponding degree of soiling, the costs amount to € 2,500 per 1MWp. This results in a realistic extra yield of approx. € 7,500/MWp per year for the operator.


Since the losses are much higher in Sothern Europe on account of the additional soiling factors and higher solar irradiation a different basis has to be assumed for the calculations. The losses here are around 6-8 percent per year, corresponding to a feed loss of around€ 26,000 per year. These feed losses can be avoided through cleaning three times a year. Costs of around € 7,500 p.a. are thus offset by an extra yield of approx. € 18,500 for 1MWP per year. The performance ratio is thus greatly improved for the operator!





Your advantage

Up to 8 percent extra yield thanks to our professional cleaning of your PV modules.