ProCleanSolar GmbH

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Sophisticated and perfected technology

ProCleanSolar stands for cleanliness and maximum yields in the photovoltaic sector. Our USPs are the vehicles and technologies that have been developed specifically for these requirements and which allow us to clean any solar farm mechanically and with a lasting effect. The technical features at a glance:

  • Specially designed cleaning vehicles for fast and inexpensive cleaning processes.
  • Low-pressure cleaning is gentle on the sensitive modules.
  • Specially selected material for the brushes.
  • Exclusive use of ultrapure water for optimum cleaning whilst sparing the materials and environment.
  • Flexible reaction to varying degrees of soiling
  • Suitable for all types of modules



Special brushes have been developed to clean the sensitive photovoltaic modules that are guaranteed not to scratch the surface of the glass. Intensive tests under different conditions led to the optimum brush solution for mechanical cleaning with ultrapure water. We can thus guarantee the perfect results of our work and will be pleased to demonstrate this to you.


Ultrapure water

We only use demineralised water to clean the PV modules, so-called ultrapure water. Unlike tap or rain water, ultrapure water therefore contains hardly any foreign substances; however, it does benefit from the properties of charged ions and thus has a very high dissolving power. If ultrapure water runs over a dirty surface all dirt substances will be dissolved. No streaks will be left on the surfaces after thorough rinsing and drying.
But this most natural form of dirt removal is not only very gentle on the modules and effective; it is also the most sustainable for the environment. This type of cleaning leaves the ecological balance of the farm completely untouched.

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Your advantage

Up to 8 percent extra yield thanks to our professional cleaning of your PV modules.